Village Board

President, Alisha Lizer         Appointed, ends 2023
Trustee, Jon Riley                Appointed, ends 2023
Trustee, Diane Clay              Elected, ends 2025

Trustee, Kaytlyn Vrazity        Appointed, ends 2023
Trustee, Eric Lizer                Elected, ends 2023
Trustee, Jeremy Knox           Appointed, ends 2023
Trustee, Ken Vrazity             Appointed, ends 2023


Clerk, Tracie Buttel
Treasurer, Melody Sweet
Sewer Operator, Rob Knoup
Water Operator, Steve Olson
Water Tester, Chad Toelke
Maintenance, Brian Geiseman
Janitor, Jason Buss
Police Officer, Bradley Curtis

Liquor Commission

Alisha Lizer
Arlene Jaeger
Jennifer Knox
Eric Lizer
Doug Banks

Village Board Meetings

The Dakota Village Board traditionally meets on the 1st Monday of the month at 6:30pm.